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CollegeLife Forum Rules

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1Rules CollegeLife Forum Rules on Sun Jun 07, 2015 3:52 pm

Hello and Welcome to TheCollegeForum! 

We are a community of college students both nationwide and worldwide all here to have an amazing time, get to meet new people, and discuss college life as a whole. Created in June of 2015, CollegeLife hopes to provide a haven for students to escape their day to day life and communicate with other students like them throughout the world. 

However, this being said, there are some forum rules at collegelife!

Age: TheCollegeForum is designated for people over the age of 16 (college students and upcoming) only. The Moderators reserve the right to freeze accounts that are questionable to be over the age of 16 until verification is obtained.

Forum Language: The official language of the CollegeLife is English. Please make an attempt to communicate in English with other members. Moderators are advised to warn members against non-english posts, however we will be designating a section for Non-English talk, such as Foreign Exchange Students. Furthermore, although the forum is designed for those users over the age of 16, please attempt to keep profane language to a minimum. 

Colors & Caps: Writing in different colors or in all caps are not allowed within the CollegeLife forum. Posts decorating certain subjects are allowed, but should be able to be read and not be constantly changing colors. Bold text and full color posts are reserved for staff members only. 

Spam, Flaming, and Off-Topic Posts: Each topic is created for a reason, please keep discussion on track and relevant to the topic being discussed. Spamming posts will not be allowed and moderators are advised to remove, and warn or even ban members for spamming the forum. Your posts should contribute to the discussions. Flaming, at the discretion of the moderator is also an offense on the forum and may result in warnings and infractions. 

Advertising: It is against CollegeLife forum rules to advertise in non-designated sections, and will result in infractions from the moderators. 

Please Respect the Administrators and Moderators, who take time out of their day to make CollegeLife an enjoyable forum for all. An administrators decision is final, however a moderators decision may be disputed by reporting the post to an administrator, or Private Messaging the Administrator directly. 

Please Respect  other members of the forum. People may have a different decision to yours, and are entitled to have that opinion. If any disputes arise, please solve them through private messaging, or resolve a post by reporting it to a moderator.

Possible Sanctions:

If rules are not followed, possible sanctions may be placed on your account.

- Any moderator can place a warning on your account. Warnings are given in 20% increments, which give 5 less-serious warnings before an account is banned.
- Serious offenses can take more than the designated 20% off of your account.
- Administrators have the discretion to ban accounts as they see fit. They also can reverse warnings by being contacted through private message.

Exclamation These rules can be updated without warning. Please re-read them seldom often.

If for any reason you need to contact an administrator or need help, we have set up Emails !

Mike, Administrator:
Admin Team:

Thank you!

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